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I’m Darlene Rivera

I’m a wizard at putting together seamless itineraries, because I’ve been in the travel industry for more than 25 years. As a veteran travel advisor, I’ve seen how the industry has changed over the decades. My first clients came to me for simple things like airline tickets (believe it or not, you used to not be able to book those on your own!).

Today, travelers have way more planning tools at their fingertips—but rather than making things easier, it’s just added up to a whole lot of overwhelm.

That’s why, at Destined to Travel, I’m doing so much more than “clicking and booking” behind the scenes for my clients. I act as their counselor, strategist, connector, and troubleshooter. I use my decades of experience, relationships with vetted partners, and personal approach to planning to create a journey that is uniquely “you”—and effortless to boot.

Because all the overwhelm should never hold you back from an “oh, wow!” vacation

So say hello to headache-free travel

spicing up your trip

When I’m not planning trips—or traveling myself—you can find me in the kitchen. I love creating sweet Filipino treats or posting videos to my Youtube cooking channel, and when I travel, you can bet I’m scouting out the best local eats.

That’s why I love stirring in (ha!) a touch of deliciousness into my clients’ own travels. Digging into the local culinary scene teaches you so much about a place’s cultures and customs. So whether you want to embark on a foodie-themed adventure or simply sprinkle in some culinary-minded excursions, I’m the advisor for you!

Seamless, special, and oh-so scrumptious-
that’s a Destined to Travel escape.


Start designing your effortless escape.

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I was born in the Philippines; I actually first became a travel agent so I could visit my family back home more often!

Being in the industry for 2+ decades gave me many opportunities to travel—including to some “fan favorite” destinations like Italy, Greece, and Mexico, and more off-the-beaten-path gems like Guam and Fiji.

My “side business”? Sweet Violets Baked Goods, where I bake creative cupcakes, cakes, and Filipino sweets.

Favorite destination? Fiji. I love the warm Fijian hospitality and felt right at home. Their food and culture is similar to the Philippines—it is so tranquil and beautiful!

I’m a wife, mom to 2 amazing girls and 2 cuddly fur boys. I’m a self-taught ukulele player –thanks, YouTube! I love running, volunteering and working at my church and food pantry.

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